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Back cover of 45 rpm single ‘In The 1980’s (Whatchu Gonna Do?)’ by The May Day Singers, Communist Workers Party, United States, [1980]. File under “Maoist Disco”.

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"Karl Marx did not invent or found socialism…he just discovered it…We call in America the laws of gravity, Newtont’s Laws but Newton cannot invent that a body falls at 32 feet per second squared. Marx cannot invent where capital oppresses labor that labor will rise up and overthrow capital."

- Kwame Ture, responding to the oft-cited claim that socialism is a product of Europe and Eurocentric thought (via mansplainedmarxist)

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le fond de l'air est rouge: Combat Liberalism


Liberalism remains. Nothing, no matter how canny, or brutal, or ideologically rigorous, has been enough to combat it. When Mao wrote Combat Liberalism, the most terrifying and total assault on the road to Capitalism was ahead, as was its nightmarish collapse. Whatever has…

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Untitled: drdogballs: and to give a proper picture of what racism looks like in...


and to give a proper picture of what racism looks like in russia today i’m also including an examination of what racism looked like (and how it was dealt with) in the soviet union by looking at official policies and court cases

e.g. in 1930 two foreign white american labourers…

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"We sayin’ something like this-we saying that theory’s cool, but theory with no practice ain’t shit."


Fred Hampton

Taken from a speech given on April 27, 1969.

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"It’s the century of the displaced person, you can never go home."

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"Proletarian women face conditions of super-exploitation, unpaid reproductive work, commodification including prostitution and sex trafficking, sexual/gendered violence such as sexual harassment, rape, and murder, gender inequality and discrimination, oppression within the patriarchal family, and control over their reproduction by their oppressors. The enemy of women is the entire capitalist system. The people must struggle against men of all classes who oppress women… Women of the exploited and oppressed classes must be politicized and organized into a proletarian feminist movement…"

- Resolution Against Patriarchy - Signalfire 

"A case in point: “the first class opposition that appears in history coincides with the development of the antagonism between man and woman in monogamous marriage and the first class oppression coincides with that of the female sex by the male.” Or again: “With the division of labour, in which all these contradictions are implicit, and which in its turn is based on the natural division of labour in the family and on the separation of society into individual families opposed to one another, is given simultaneously the distribution, and indeed the unequal (both quantitative and qualitative) distribution, of labour and its products, hence property: the nucleus, the first form of which lies in the family, where wife and children are the slaves of the husband. This latent slavery in the family, though still very crude, is the first property, but even at this early stage it corresponds perfectly to the definition of modern economists who call it the power of disposing of the labour-power of others.”"

- Luce Irigaray, This Sex Which Is Not One (via howtotalktogirlsdialectically)

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"The legacy of identity politics has produced a problematic language idealism where we focus more on correct words and phrases rather than the material basis of oppression… And even in the moment where we imagine we are indeed combatting real world oppression we are, in fact, simply engaging with the level of appearance. We often fail to recognize that those who lack the privileged education to understand the correct terminology and turns of phrase are not necessarily those who are chauvinist, just as we fail to recognize that those who possess the education to hide their chauvinism with the correct language are indeed the enemy. This language idealism becomes nothing but a self-righteous exercise when it refuses to contemplate a praxis of mass pedagogy based on actually changing the material circumstances and instead focuses on anti-oppression training, atomized concepts of privilege, and how to speak correctly. It becomes utterly rarified and intentionally ignorant when it demands that we waste our time examining every word and turn of phrase at the expense of changing the material circumstances upon which this language is dependent. Moralism abounds."

- MLM mayhem: 10 theses on identity politics